During a time where COVID-era travel restrictions make traveling to Africa a challenge, Prosper Africa, a U.S. Government initiative to increase two-way trade and investment between the United States and Africa, is piloting a virtual deal room to raise awareness of viable transactions on the continent. As virtual platforms like this one emerge, a long-term impact of the pandemic may be the shortening of the distance between African and American businesses and investors with alternative channels replacing plane tickets.

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(Photo: August de Richelieu from Pexels).

By Kristin Kelly Jangraw, INVEST Communications Director

Attractive trends…

Creative CFO is a South African business management advisory firm turned first-time fund manager supporting a range of entrepreneurs across sectors. In this interview, Jacobus de Nysschen, Chief Executive Officer of Creative Growth Capital, managed by Creative CFO, discusses the challenges and opportunities facing SMEs and investors in South Africa and why offering a diverse variety of funding instruments may be the key to creating a more sustainable ecosystem of SMEs throughout the region.

By Carolanne Chanik, INVEST Communications Coordinator, and Matthew Mitchell, INVEST Senior Partnership Specialist

Creative CFO has a simple yet lofty goal: to create a world where…

Linea Capital is a capital provider that aims to raise funds for high-growth entrepreneurs in Southern Africa using non-traditional funding models. Co-Founder and Director Julia Price discusses Linea’s unique funding model and the importance of keeping equity in the hands of founders.

Written by Carolanne Chanik, INVEST Communications Coordinator, and Matthew Mitchell, INVEST Senior Partnership Specialist

“Let me start with an example of a challenge facing businesses in Southern Africa,” begins Julia Price, Co-Founder and Director of Linea Capital Partners.

She explains that the founders of a high growth start-up in the industrial tech space of Southern Africa have begun…

Endeavor South Africa is a non-profit organization that identifies and supports innovative, high-impact entrepreneurs in emerging markets. Under USAID INVEST, Endeavor is launching the Harvest II Fund to finance high-growth, impact-oriented businesses in South Africa. In this interview, Alison Collier, the Managing Director of Endeavor South Africa, discusses the Fund’s unique model, opportunities for enterprises during COVID-19, and what to expect when working with USAID.

By Carolanne Chanik, INVEST Communications Coordinator

Endeavor South Africa (“Endeavor”) is a global organization deploying a unique pay-it-forward model in South Africa. Supported by a team of 150 pro bono, entrepreneurial mentors in South Africa…

Investments in emerging markets can be a diversification strategy for investors. Often, the effects of these investments align with USAID’s development objectives. While private investors are increasingly looking for new opportunities in these markets, diversification across different emerging markets remains an important aspect of risk-mitigation. When seeking to increase private capital flows into their markets, USAID Missions should consider a regional investment approach.

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Employees assemble tablets at the Surtab factory in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. (Photo: David Rochkind, USAID)

By Emily Langhorne, INVEST Communications Specialist

In providing advice on investing for beginners, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission explains the concept of diversification by using…

One year ago, Italy was facing the worst outbreak of COVID-19 in Europe. In an effort to support one of the United States’ oldest friends and allies, USAID asked its INVEST initiative to develop an approach to help increase the local manufacture of personal protective equipment (PPE), COVID-19 tests, and other medical supplies in the areas of Italy that were most affected by the pandemic. With a focus on mobilizing private capital and providing relevant technical assistance, INVEST identified four partners who would help the U.S. …

Un anno fa l’Italia stava affrontando la peggiore esplosione di COVID-19 in Europa. Nello sforzo per supportare uno dei più vecchi amici ed alleati degli Stati Uniti, USAID ha chiesto ad INVEST di sviluppare un approccio per implementare la fabbricazione locale di DPI, test per COVID-19 e altre forniture mediche nelle aree d’Italia maggiormente colpite dalla pandemia. Con lo scopo di mobilitare capitale privato e fornire importante assistenza tecnica, INVEST ha identificato 4 partner in grado di aiutare gli USA a lavorare con il settore privato italiano per aiutare le comunità italiane e supportare eventuali future emergenze sanitarie.

Una bambina italiana indossa una mascherina prodotta da aziende italiane. (Foto: Roncucci & Partners srl)

Di Maxfield…

Whether for an irrigation system, milling machine, refrigerator, or ice-maker, solar-powered productive use of energy (PUE) applications — technology that uses energy as a direct input in the production of goods or services — have enormous potential to improve the lives of those who live and work in agricultural communities without access to the national grid. USAID’s Mission in Uganda partnered with USAID INVEST and Open Capital to better understand the promise and challenges of scaling PUE technologies in Uganda.

This article was first published as a three-part series on Power Africa’s Medium page. Read the original articles here.

Fishing boats on Bukasa Island, Lake Victoria. (Photo: Open Capital).


ThirdWay Africa is an impact investment and advisory firm working across Africa, with a focus on East and Southern Africa. In this interview, Gonçalo Neves-Correia, Co-Founder and CEO, discusses the firm’s work under USAID INVEST to make smart agricultural investments and increase sustainable rural development.

By Carolanne Chanik, INVEST Communications Coordinator

According to ThirdWay Africa’s CEO and Co-Founder, Gonçalo Neves-Correia, Southern Africa has a wealth of unrealized agricultural investment opportunities — brownfield farms.

In a brownfield investment, a company or investor purchases or leases an asset that already exists, such as a production facility or piece of property, to launch…

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the investment community to adopt and strengthen online tools to find and assess potential deals in frontier and emerging markets. Some of these innovations will probably stick around post-COVID, reducing barriers and transaction costs for investors and easing the flow of capital into markets that need it. In this interview, Asoko Insight discusses this trend, as well as support to Prosper Africa’s new virtual deal room to raise awareness of investable, impactful deals in Africa.

This interview was originally published by Prosper Africa.

(Photo: OpenUpEd — CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=35428064)

By Mariah Redfern, INVEST Communications Coordinator, and Kristin Kelly Jangraw, INVEST Communications…


INVEST, a USAID initiative, mobilizes private investment for development goals. It drives inclusive growth and sustainable development in emerging markets.

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